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Slides updated: 21.12.2017

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* Please note that video may present an older korTradeManager version


Before downloading and using korTradeManager read and accept the following:

1) Trading forex on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

2) We shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, including any direct, indirect or consequential damages incurred by the Investor while using our Trade Manager whether its action was correct or not.

3) Please ensure that you first use korTradeManager EA on a demo account until you familiarise yourself with its functionality and execution logic. Only then consider using it in your real account.

4) If you notice any abnormality in korTradeManager immediately stop using it, remove from your Metatrader charts and report the problem.


Make sure you understand and accept our Disclaimer.

Information about new releases and manager features will be sent by email.

What is korTradeManager?

  • MT4 trade manager to improve speed and quality of managing orders

  • Takes away the efforts of orders checking, calculating, (re)adjusting

  • Works on live, demo and in the Strategy Tester

  • Opens new market or pending orders with just one click

  • Provides various methods to modify/manage or close orders

  • Adjustment of entry, SL, TP with mouse drag and drop

  • Money management and Risk management (auto position size calculation)

  • Intuitive and user-friendly design

  • Can be used for a variety of different trading strategies

Simplified Trading


Increased Profits

What korTradeManager is NOT?

  • korTradeManager is not an automatic trading robot (EA) and it doesn’t take decisions or opens position itself.

  • korTradeManager will not manage automatically and magically all your trades so they are closed as winners.

Key features of our trade manager

Scroll down for the list of trade manager key features list.

We try to keep it updated daily.

Down arrow

1-click Execution

Place working or pending orders with a single click.

Lines dragging

Move horizontal lines to define a new or modify an existing order entry, SL and TP price levels.

Quick, easy, intuitive and graphical position management by dragging the lines on the chart to the desired price level.

In the same way, it is possible to define or modify pending orders.

1-click execution and entry/SL/TP lines dragging functionality for the market and pending orders

Methods to define Stop Loss

  • By price (line positioning)

  • Fixed number of points

  • Based on the risk amount

  • Based on the risk defined as equity percent

Methods to define Take Profit

  • By price (line positioning)

  • Fixed number of points

Various methods to Close trades

Single click to:

  • Close All orders

  • Close Buys/Sells

  • Close Profitable Buys/Sells

  • Delete pending Buy/Sell Limit or Stop orders

Risk calculation

Specify the amount or equity percent you want to risk and korTradeManager will automatically calculate the lot size for this order.

Order BreakEven function

1-click breakeven with user-defined x points profit.

When you have an open order and the market is moving as expected, you may want to set StopLoss to the opened position’s price (plus x points) so to have zero risk trade running.

Order Reverse function

1-click order reverse option.

When you have an open order and the market is changing its direction and turns opposite to your original plan, you may want to immediately close it and open a new, contrary position with the same lot size.

Magic Number

Option to specify which orders should be handled by the manager:

a) orders opened only by korTradeManager (with the assigned pre-configured MAGIC number)

b) all the trades, also ones opened using other EAs or methods

Information panels

Show details on:

  • opened working orders

  • pending orders

  • summary of the opened orders

  • traded account

  • traded symbol/instrument

  • keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts option

If UseKeyboardShortcuts is True we can also navigate and trigger manager actions using keyboard shortcuts.

T - toggle Trade panel

C - toggle Close orders panel

O - toggle Orders panel

W - toggle Orders panel with Working orders (Buy/Sell)

P - toggle Orders panel with Pending orders (Stop/Limit)

1 - toggle Account Info panel

2 - toggle Orders Info panel

3 - toggle Symbol Info panel

B - Buy/BuyLimit/BuyStop

S - Sell/SellLimit/SellStop

Confirmation option

Parameter Description
OpenWorkingConfirmation confirmation required to open a trade
ModifyWorkingConfirmation confirmation required to modify selected trade
CloseWorkingConfirmation confirmation required to close a trade (applies to all methods)
OpenPendingConfirmation confirmation required to open a new pending order
ModifyPendingConfirmation N/A (currently not used/required)
DeletePendingConfirmation confirmation required to delete pending orders (applies to all methods)

Clean-up options

Parameter Description
RemoveOrderArrows to remove the arrows when an order is opened or closed
RemoveOrderTrendlines to remove the line that is drawn when order is closed

Instrument or TF change

Quick way to change trading instrument and/or timeframe.

Parameter Description
AllMarketWatchSymbols to show all symbols/instruments available in MT4 MarketWatch window
Symbols custom made list of instruments separated by ";" Symbols="AUDUSD;EURUSD;EURGBP;EURJPY;GBPUSD;GBPJPY;NZDUSD;USDCAD;USDCHF;USDJPY;"
Periods list of timeframes separated by ";"

Auto management functions

Various automatic order managemenet features.

  • six different types of order auto close (settings)

  • auto breakeven (settings)

  • early notifications (settings)

  • auto trailing (TBA in v 0.51)

  • auto management for the basket trades

6 types of order Auto Close options

Parameter Description
AutoCloseLogicON set to true to enable this functionality.
order auto close when specified in the account currency profit/loss value is reached. Defaults are 0 (and means feature is disabled).
order auto close when specified in points profit/loss value is reached. Defaults are 0.
order auto close when specified as account equity percent profit/loss value is reached. Defaults are 0.

Auto Close sample configuration

korTradeManager - AutoClose sample configuration

Auto breakeven

Parameter Description
BreakEvenLogicON set to true to enable this functionality. Default is false.
BreakEvenStartPoints the number of points you want the market to move in your favour before setting the breakeven stop loss. Default is 200 points(20 pips).
BreakEvenProfitPoints location of the breakeven stop loss; will add this value to a buy order open price / subtract it for a sell order. Default of 10 points (1pip) means the stop loss is set to open price +/- 10 points(1pip).

Early notifcation

Early notification before auto management function triggers.

Parameter Description
AutoManagementEarlyNotificationLogicON set to true to enable this functionality. Default is true.
AutoManagementEarlyNotificationPerc percent (50..95) at which early notification Alert should happen to inform that automatic function may be triggered soon.

Backtest options

korTradeManager can be used on Live, Demo but also in MT4 Strategy Tester mode. You can backtest your manual strategies on historical data.


Scroll down for more info about current korTradeManager panels and functionality.

Down arrow

T=Trade Panel

korTradeManager - Trade panel

C=Close Orders Panel

korTradeManager - Close orders panel

O=Orders Panel

korTradeManager - Orders panel

I=Information Panels

Three information panels

AI=Account information Panel

korTradeManager - Account information panel

OI=Orders information Panel

korTradeManager - Orders information panel

SI=Symbol information Panel

korTradeManager - Symbol information panel

Instrument and timeframe selector

korTradeManager - instrument selector

Symbol/TF selector overview video

* Please note that video may present an older korTradeManager version

Coming next

  • More automatic trade management functions

  • Auto Trailing stop and auto Partial close function with user pre-configured percentages

  • More Basket trading features (grid, scale-in and scale-out, groupings)

  • Alarms and notifications

  • Maximum spread setting and effective spread monitoring

  • EA parametrization

  • Visual profiles

Installation (30-60 seconds)

  • Copy the korTradeManager_vXXX.ex4 file into MetaTrader’s MQL4/Experts directory. To locate this directory you may use “Open Data Folder” option in the File menu of MetaTrader.

  • In the MT4 Options/Charts set: "Use 'Alt' key to drag trade levels"

  • You may restart MetaTrader now. .....or instead, you may open the Navigator Window (CTRL + N), scroll down to the „Expert Advisors” section, right click and select „Refresh”. You should see now korTradeManager on the list of EAs.

Start korTradeManager

  • To start for a selected MT4 instrument you simple drag and drop korTradeManager onto the desired chart

  • During the launch, a window with three Tabs will appear. The first tab gives you quick overview of the manager. On the second one (important!) make sure you select Allow DLL imports and Allow live trading options.

  • Select AutoTrading button on the MT4 platform.


Ensure that you first use this trade manager EA on a demo account until you familiarise yourself with its functionality and execution logic.

Known errors

  • there are still many, but we fix them quickly

  • if you spot a bug - let us know

  • if you spot missing functionality - let us know

Custom development

Our team consists of competent programmers and also of experienced financial market traders. We develop high-quality tools by knowing exactly what an active trader needs.

We provide programming services for the trading field and are able to deliver a wide spectrum of trading solutions for Metatrader platform, indicators as well as automated trading robots.

Our commercial tools are available from: https://tools.tradingarsenal.com

Congratulations for choosing korTradeManager