FiboManager is better than ever before

  • Friends found a gap in MT4 Fibo functionality
  • FiboManager solves it to better support Fibonacci analysis
  • Fully configurable for price and time Fibonacci ratios
  • Extendable / customizable on your request

1 licence = 1 MT4 account, one time fee, updates free

sent via email within 24 hours

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Step 1: Place the FiboManager indicator on a chart.

Step 2: Configure the email and ActivationCode in the config file. This information is in the activation email you received. Please check your Spam folder if you are having trouble locating the Activation email. If you need more detailed installation steps please check the FiboManager installation page.

Step 3: The fun starts! Insert either the Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Expansion or Fibonacci TimeZones object on a chart. You will see the default set of retracement lines, as defined in MT4. Of course you can place multiple objects of any of these types.

Step 4: Now you can select any of Fibo object you have on the chart (just click on it). Buttons representing different Fibonacci retracement levels will show up.

Step 5: By clicking the buttons you control which Fibo lines will be visible (ON) or not visible (OFF)

Step 6: Unselect the Fibonacci objects and the buttons will disappear.


FiboManager supports multiple objects simultaneously. The color of the buttons is the same as the color of your Fibonacci object, so they are easy to manage.

Easy, isn’t it?—and so powerful! Letting you to keep the chart clean and the control to draw only the Fibo levels that you require for your analysis. FiboManager was requested by PRO traders, using daily Fibonacci analysis on MT4 platform. They knew what they were asking for!

  • The use of Fibonacci techniques in Meta Trader can be nerve-wracking. Tens of retracement levels make chart illegible what compromise the analysis process. FiboManager is a simple but yet powerful tool. It gives the ability to disable the display of specific levels leaving only those important which was a real game changer for me. I can't imagine working in MT4 without FiboManager anymore.

    - Szymon Nowak, Poland
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