korHarmonics is better than ever before

  • Harmonic and price patterns auto-scanner
  • Monitors multiple markets, instruments and timeframes
  • Assures that proper patterns are spotted and user alerted on time
  • Extendable / customizable on your request
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About korHarmonics indicator

About korHarmonics indicator

korHarmonics is an indicator written in mq4 for Metatrader4 (MT4) platforms. It automatically scans the charts and presents (real-time and historical) price, harmonic and geometric patterns appearing on any chart and covering any instrument available on your broker platform supported by MT4.

This provides the user:

  • ability to choose a set of preferred patterns to look for
  • ability to monitor multiple markets, instruments, time frames
  • assurance that each pattern will be identified (usually ahead of time) and the user alerted
  • meaning less time looking at your monitor, while still be alerted to trading opportunities

For the harmonic & geometric traders it is important to (#1) study repetitive patterns and (#2) get alerted on time when they develop on the chart next time. To achieve (#1), our TradingArsenal Forum presents the most common harmonic patterns, our research and conclusions, including trade entry confirmation methods and exit strategies. korHarmonics indicator supports you in achieving (#2).

There is no indicator that completely replaces a trader's eyes and experience. Some formations are ‘DO NOT TOUCH”. Some look good, but still fail. It’s the responsibility of each trader to study and learn when to trade and when to stay out of the market. Take advantage of joining the TradingArsenal.com community, visit "Market Patterns & Trading Strategies - Research & Analysis" forum section to speed up your learning curve.


korHarmonics functionality

  • Automatic real-time and historical harmonic and price patterns recognition (see below the list of currently supported formations)
  • Support for multiple instruments and time frames
  • Early identification of the emerging/potential formations (“Emerging patterns”)
  • ZIGZAG with price and time relationships
  • Possibility to automatically save found pattern picture into a GIF file
  • Alerts and sound alarms
  • Choosing favorites patterns, filtering out others
  • Korharmonics indicator was one of the first automatic indicators, I started using many years ago, when I learnt about harmonic patterns. Ever since, I keep using it in my every day trading, since I find it accurate, fast and very helpful.It has evolved in its new version offering a more user-friendly interface for quick settings, as well as, being able to use more patterns, including custom patterns, without programming knowledge.I did like this indicator in the past many years, and I like it even more today, with the enhancements.

    - Gábor Farkas, Hungary
  • I absoultly love the Korharmonics for Intra/swing Trading and doing trading in controlled way. Saving my self from Bigger stoplosses thats the advantage of Harmonics trading. His after sales support and updates are awsome. Keep it up Kor. Waiting eagerly for your DASHBOARD VER. to ease my trading further.

    - Paresh Shah, India
  • I've been using the korHarmonics since a couple of months, and i have to say that it has transformed the way i trade. I am super impressed with this great indicator, it's saving me hours to analyse markets and make profits everyday! the indicator is very comprehensive and it's compatible to all timeframes and all the markets. I am also happy to see continued improvements and new features of the indicator with the free updates from the korharmonics team.Thank you korharmonics Team for making trading much easier and for your great support that you are offering us. I highly recommend the korHarmonics to everyone who seriously wants to make money with trading.

    - John Smith, USA
  • Being an avid price action trader, I can say that KorHarmonics indicator follows all postulates of pure price action The indicator draws established Harmonic patterns, and other price patterns that are very extensively used in price action trading (such as the Shark, 121, M, Megaphone etc.). Additionally it plots Fib ratios and PRZ zones very accurately. This is the best Harmonic indicator in the market.Have in mind that this indicator helps you to make decisions, but you still need to assess signals from a trader perspective. This is not a trading system but the best tool for price patterns out there, that helps you make proper decisions in the market.

    - John Smith, USA
  • I have been trading for almost 9 years now and after having worked through hundreds of indicators and EA's I have not found any as easy and accurate as the Kor Karmonics indicator. I like using fibo in my trading and with the ability to add this to my prz I have found that I get loads more winning trades. Thank you for your effort in developing these tools and also for making them affordable to the average trader out there. Kind regards.

    - Victor, South Africa
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a difference between korHarmonics and DaVinci indicator?

    korHarmonics is very different from DaVinci indicator.

    korHarmonics automatically scans the charts and presents (real-time and historical) price, harmonic and geometric patterns appearing on any chart and covering any instrument available on your broker platform supported by MT4. You just place korHarmonics on the chart and timeframe you want to monitor and you will be alerted via sound, MT4 alert, email or mobile notification as soon as a pattern is spotted.

    DaVinci is intended to support the harmonic trader’s analysis and make the drawing of valid harmonic patterns. The user positions the X, A, B, C, D points on the chart and the indicator will perform the validation and classification of the pattern, draw the PRZ BOX and Fibonacci PRZ lines.

    To read more about DaVinci indicator please visit: http://tools.tradingarsenal.com/product/davinci/

  • Which patterns are supported?


  • Can patterns be discovered before the appear?

    Yes, emerging patterns functionality is available. You can even define (as percentage) how quickly the emerging pattern should be discovered and alerted to the trader. Setting emerging pattern percent to 70% means that pattern will be presented as soon as 70% of the last CD swing is formed, leaving trader a lot of time for further analysis and preparation time to take this trade.

  • Is SL and TP presented?

    No, this would not be smart. korHarmonics is the patterns scanner and its role is to alert (in various ways) trader about a trade opportunity. When pattern is presented, trader should apply his own style and preferences for chosing SL and TP. Our DaVinci indicator is great help with it. DaVinci, for its patterns has the predefined SL and TP levels, that can be modified according to trader preferences and used consistantly.

  • Can we use korHarmonics on different MT4 accounts?

    Our license is per MT4 account, so if you want to change account you need to buy new license.

  • What about the upgrades?

    korHarmonics MT4 indicator upgrades are free. As soon as new version appears TradingArsenal team informs the commercial users and ships new version.

  • Are the beta-versions available?

    Any commercial user can apply for the latest korHarmonics beta version. In majority of cases we approve the candidate, ship the newest beta version and ask for honest feedback.

  • Do you have a free demo version?

    No, we do not provide free demo versions anymore. Process to manage the demo versions was too time consuming so we decided to lower the commercial version price instead of managing the demos.


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Share your ideas, learn from the others.

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